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The other day I was searching for a unique delicious treat for a Lego themed party. Naturally I turned to my creative director for his opinion on the matter {my 3 year old son}. One word came out of his adorable little mouth “S’mores”. At first I laughed, then the gears started turning. Why not! Lego S’mores sound delicious.
To make these delicious treats I first melted some chocolate in a microwave safe decorating bag and filled my Lego mold with chocolate {see my post on how to melt chocolate for molds.} Once the chocolate has cooled combine all the other ingredients, marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate syrup. The perfect twist on the same old S’mores.

Lego Smores [click to continue…]


Minnie Mouse Printables

Minnie Mouse parties are simply adorable and one of my favorite. I especially love the color schemes of pink, white and black with polka dots used in any combination {you might be able to tell that from the color scheme used on my site}.

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We just hosted a super cute Minnie Mouse Bow-tique party at our house. Talk about fun! There is nearly no end of decoration choices you can buy. I especially like Amazon for both their selection and pricing. The best part is you can have a great looking party with not too much cost or effort!  My favorite decorations are posted below. I used the Minnie Bow-tique curtain to show case my cake, but you can actually use it for a cute picture backdrop or for the entrance to your little gal’s fabulous party. Say cheers for ears!

Minnie Mouse Cake [click to continue…]


President Business Quote of the day “Because I Said So!”


Inspired by “The Lego Movie” my kids and I decided to have a Taco-Tuesday party! We came up with these adorable taco assembly printables.

In the city of Bricksburg all citizens gather together to receive a free taco, the tastiest treat in all of Bricksburg. These printables come with eight pages of assembly instructions that will help your little citizens assemble tacos the right way. The printables can be used as backgrounds, made into instructions booklets or made into place mats. Let your ideas run wild with these fun & free printables. [click to continue…]


When it comes to creating a memorable party Printables are a must.

Anti-FreezeI created some Monster Truck Printables for my son’s birthday party. They feature wrap around drink covers including Windshield Washer Fluid, Transmission Fluid and Monster Truck Oil. I also made some Spare Tiers and Licorice Whip Tow Cable Printables. To finish off the theme I used Monster Truck Parking signs as well as checkered flags, Crush Cakes and a Pit Stop sign. Enjoy!

The Printables really help tie the Monster Truck theme together, checkered flags say it all. Download them here and make sure to save them before printing for best quality. [click to continue…]

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Duct Tape PurseA short while ago we had a fabulous glow party here at SPI. Actually the theme was a makeover glow party which included glow nail polish, glow hair extensions and a complete glow in the dark vanity station, it was a blast! I thought it only fitting to follow up with a little craft, so I came up with a DIY purse full of fun glow makeover party favors! [click to continue…]

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Lego Taco Tuesday Party

If you have yet to see the Lego movie I would highly advise taking a break and checking it out. Not only does the movie entertain the little ones, adults will enjoy it as well.
The story follows Emmet Brickowski, a lonely construction worker that follows “directions” to a fault. So much so that he is completely isolated from others until he falls down a hole at a construction site, which begins a journey that changes everything. [click to continue…]


DIY Duct Tape Purse

We added this party favor purse to our fabulous make over party. See how we made it here.

With the short days and oh so long nights of winter I decided to celebrate the dark with a glow party. Now a glow party seems simple to plan and it really is, but I wanted more than just glow in the dark balloons and paint. I wanted to make this party memorable.

The girls and I came up with a glow in the dark makeover party!

I knew from the very start that this party would need a makeover station where the girls could get everything from their hair done to their toes painted, keeping with the glow in the dark theme.

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Every year on Valentine’s Day children the world over exchange cards and treats.

This year my daughter wanted something creative, something she could make herself. She loves the Minion characters from the hit movie Despicable Me. Box-Of-Minions I remember seeing something on Pinterest where someone had made minions using cream filled cakes. Anyway it’s a simple quick process. All you need are some cream filled cakes, craft felt (blue and black), some googly eyes and a hot glue gun. [click to continue…]


Ylvis The Fox

My kids are still asking to watch the YouTube sensation “What Does the Fox Say?” The tune has been playing in the Jukebox  in my head over and over again. The other day a friend of mine suggested doing a fun party to help stomp out the winter blues.

What could be more fun than a Karaoke party with a “Fox” theme? Delectable treats, Karaoke, cute decorations, fun games and hot chocolate. It’s all you need. [click to continue…]