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Thanks for stopping by our little corner of the party world. Here at Simply Party Ideas we are all about throwing fabulous parties while keeping to a budget. I’m a real mom with beautiful children and an awesome husband. Keeping up with life, work, school, PTA, soccer, softball, football and fill in the blank can be financially and mentally taxing. Who has the time or money to plan and host extravagant parties every other week?
There just isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done. I have always wanted to put on memorable parties for the kids and special occasions. If you’re like me you have scoured all of the popular web-sites, Pinterest and Facebook looking for the right ideas for your next party. There are literally millions of ideas out there however the cost, time and square footage required to host most of these parties is next to impossible.
Look, I’m on a budget. Both my time and money are limited. I don’t live in a mansion with a wing dedicated to throwing extravagant parties. I can’t justify buying a $3,000.00 dollar camera or hire a professional photographer every time I throw a party. I suspect I’m a lot like you. I want to throw fabulous, memorable parties that won’t break the bank. I want a party that doesn’t require a small army of professionals to bake, decorate, photograph, cook, host and clean up.
This site is dedicated to real party ideas made by real people, parties that are doable, and can be planned in an hour or less.
Real Parties, Real People.

xoxo Marie