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Party Ideas

Taco Dude

If you have yet to see the Lego movie I would highly advise taking a break and checking it out. Not only does the movie entertain the little ones, adults will enjoy it as well. The story follows Emmet Brickowski, a lonely construction worker that follows “directions” to a fault. So much so that he [...]

Glow Party Checklist

We added this party favor purse to our fabulous make over party. See how we made it here. With the short days and oh so long nights of winter I decided to celebrate the dark with a glow party. Now a glow party seems simple to plan and it really is, but I wanted more [...]


This year my daughter wanted something creative, something she could make herself. She loves the Minion characters from the hit movie Despicable Me. I remember seeing something on Pinterest where someone had made minions using cream filled cakes. Anyway it’s a simple quick process. All you need are some cream filled cakes, craft felt (blue [...]

Ylvis The Fox

My kids are still asking to watch the YouTube sensation “What Does the Fox Say?” The tune has been playing in the Jukebox  in my head over and over again. The other day a friend of mine suggested doing a fun party to help stomp out the winter blues. What could be more fun than [...]

Monster Truck Party with Fondant Cake

My son just turned three and is crazy about monster trucks. There was no question what kind of birthday party we would throw for him. We did what most parents nowadays do and we went online to look for ideas to give him a birthday bash he wouldn’t soon forget. We found some awesome ideas [...]