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Lego Movie Party Ideas

Lego Taco Tuesday Party

If you have yet to see the Lego movie I would highly advise taking a break and checking it out. Not only does the movie entertain the little ones, adults will enjoy it as well.
The story follows Emmet Brickowski, a lonely construction worker that follows “directions” to a fault. So much so that he is completely isolated from others until he falls down a hole at a construction site, which begins a journey that changes everything.

“If only it could be Taco Tuesday every day!”

In the city of Bricksburg President Business has decreed a Taco Tuesday rule that requires every rule-following citizen to gather outside the taco shop to receive a free taco. The Taco Tuesday character couldn’t be happier that everyone loves his tacos so much. Surely this has nothing to do with some evil scheme hatched by President Business to control the entire world! After all tacos are the most irresistible treat in all of Bricksburg.Taco-BarTaco-PlateLego-CandyTaco-Instructions-and-Place


President Business’ response to why have a taco party? “Because I Said So”

This party was a blast and super easy to do. Taco assembly instructions, fresh ingredients, Lego-candy and a little bit of imagination are all that is needed to pull off a fabulous taco-Tuesday party.
The taco assembly instructions really help set the scene and the kids have a great time following the instructions. The printable set comes with a parts list as well as seven unique instruction sheets. The first printable is a simple parts list, or if you are building real tacos like we did an ingredient list. Arbitrary numbers were used for all parts/ingredients and are as follows:

  • Taco Shellspressident business
  • Taco Meat
  • Cheese
  • Peppers
  • Lettuce
  • Sour Cream
  • Olives
  • Tomatoes

I used the printables as backdrops as well as table placemats. You could also resize the printables and use them as signs or put them together and make instruction booklets. Oh the possibilities.
To create the backdrops that you see in the pictures I simply printed the images out on normal copy paper and glued them to colorful cardstock. One of my favorite things about doing this party is the vibrant colors. I then glued the cardstock/printable to a cardboard presentation board, simple yet highly effective.

Use one idea or a combination, and remember “Everything is Awesome!”

I didn’t stop there I printed more assembly instructions and simply glued them to card stock creating relevant memorable placemats. One thing I thought of after, and really wished I would have done, is take the placemats to a local copy shop and have them laminated. They would have been a great party gift for the kids to take home and use. Oh well next time. Follow this link or click on the image below for high quality Taco Assembly Printables. Be sure to save the document before printing for best results.

Taco Party Assembly Instructions

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