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Lego Smores {Using Chocolate Candy Molds}

The other day I was searching for a unique delicious treat for a Lego themed party. Naturally I turned to my creative director for his opinion on the matter {my 3 year old son}. One word came out of his adorable little mouth “S’mores”. At first I laughed, then the gears started turning. Why not! Lego S’mores sound delicious.
To make these delicious treats I first melted some chocolate in a microwave safe decorating bag and filled my Lego mold with chocolate {see my post on how to melt chocolate for molds.} Once the chocolate has cooled combine all the other ingredients, marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate syrup. The perfect twist on the same old S’mores.

Lego Smores

lego chocolate mold

lego smores

lego brick smores

An inexpensive delicious treat sure to wow all the kids at your next party or camping trip, enjoy!
Do you have a delicious treat idea? Be a show off submission are welcome. Leave a comment and share!

xoxo Marie



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