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Minion Party Favor Ideas

Every year on Valentine’s Day children the world over exchange cards and treats.

This year my daughter wanted something creative, something she could make herself. She loves the Minion characters from the hit movie Despicable Me. Box-Of-Minions I remember seeing something on Pinterest where someone had made minions using cream filled cakes. Anyway it’s a simple quick process. All you need are some cream filled cakes, craft felt (blue and black), some googly eyes and a hot glue gun.

Easy, Fast & Fun!

Cream-Minion We used the blue felt for the coveralls and the black felt for the goggles. Helping my daughter, we made twenty cream filled minion cakes in about thirty minutes. We finished them off with hearts that read

“You’re one in a minion! Happy Valentine’s Day!”

The entire process was a blast and I think they turned out lovely.

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xoxo Marie

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