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Minnie Mouse Party Printables

Minnie Mouse Printables

Minnie Mouse parties are simply adorable and one of my favorite. I especially love the color schemes of pink, white and black with polka dots used in any combination {you might be able to tell that from the color scheme used on my site}.

We hosted a fabulous Minnie Mouse party complete with a darling Minnie Mouse Cake and gourmet cherry cream soda. To spruce up the cups and straws we made a couple of simple yet adorable printables you can use to spruce up your party.
The printable pack comes with three different designs including a pink Minnie bow with white dots, a black Minnie Mouse figure with a pink bow, and a black Minnie Mouse figure with a pink band with white dots. As always feel free to download and use them as you see fit, for best results save the printables to your computer before printing.
Finally we would love to see pictures and here details about your fab party, especially if you use our printables. Be a show off, submit your party it’s easy and fun.

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