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Monster Truck Birthday Party

Monster Truck Party with Fondant Cake

My son just turned three and is crazy about monster trucks. There was no question what kind of birthday party we would throw for him. We did what most parents nowadays do and we went online to look for ideas to give him a birthday bash he wouldn’t soon forget.

We found some awesome ideas as well as coming up with a few original ideas of our own. Now the only challenge was to give him a great party we were skilled enough to pull off without breaking the bank. Here is what we came up with:

Monster Truck CakeMonster-Truck-Fondant-Cake-

A DIY Monster Truck Birthday Cake

Because I was on a budget I decided to make the cake myself which was a little scary. I seriously thought it might turn out looking like something a monster truck just ran over. My son chose three different flavors of cake mix and  black and red pre-colored fondant from the local grocery store.  I used a 12 inch and a 9 inch cake pan, baking two cakes in each size for a total of four cakes to make the two layers. I decided to go with a fondant cake as the design I made included a giant monster truck tire for the base cake and regular frosting wouldn’t give me the finish I was looking for.

I also made marshmallow fondant for the stars, the number 3 and his name. Marshmallow fondant is much less expensive than pre-bought fondant, however I’m not sure how easy it would be to use it for an entire cake. It seems much stiffer than the store-bought fondant, but the small portions I used it for worked amazing and tasted much better.

Monster Truck CakeSome Helpful Tips For Making Your Own Monster Truck Party Cake

After baking the cakes and freezing them, as this makes trimming and frosting the cake easier, I iced them with home made butter cream frosting. Butter cream frosting is super tasty and super easy to make. You need to frost the cakes before putting the fondant on so that you have a seamless, smooth finished product.

Once the two bottom cakes were stacked and iced I rolled out the fondant and draped it over the cake. This step was very intimidating, but honestly was no different than rolling pie crust. I found it to be much, much easier to work with than I assumed it would be.

Looking back, it may have been an easier and more professional looking  job had I purchased a cake decorating stand and a fondant smoothing tool. I will purchase both before I do another fondant cake again.

I did spring for a fondant rolling board which I can not recommend doing enough. It made it easy to see what size my fondant needed to be rolled out to and made a stick-free surface that was worth its weight in gold.   It didn’t turn out as perfectly as I imagined it in my head, but I’m very proud of it and my little guy absolutely loved it.

I Used Excel To Make The Flags & Printables

The signs were made at home with my printer and Excel which is pretty easy. Just format the cells to the same size and fill in every other cell with a color and you’ve got a  checkered design. Next cut in to pennant shapes, glue to wooden skewer sticks and you have checkered flags. I recently added the free downloadable printables here!

Table Decorations

Monster Truck Treat Bar

Monster Truck DecorMonster Trcuk Party Table

Monster Truck Beverages

To keep with a monster truck theme the drinks were windshield washer fluid, transmission fluid, antifreeze (my favorite), and monster truck oil.

I simply used the Kool-Aid brand bottled drinks and Excel to print off individual labels for each so the kids knew exactly what cool “automotive fluid” they were drinking.

Monster Truck Oil

Truck-Oil-BlurWindshield Washer Fluid


Anti-Freeze-BlurTransmission Fluid


Chocolate Doughnuts Make For Some Tasty Spare Tires!

Spare-Tires Made From Delicious Strawberry Licorice Whips, Who Needs a Tow?

Tow-CablesWhat party is complete without crush cakes?

These little delectable treats were a big hit with our little monster truckers. Toothpicks, construction paper, an X-Acto knife and a ton of patience is all you need to make your own crush cake toppers.I free-hand drew all the components on to some stiff cardboard to make templates, cut them out carefully on different colors of construction paper using an X-Acto knife, glued them together then glued them to toothpicks.

I made regular cupcakes with chocolate “mud” frosting and inserted the cake toppers. They turned out even better than I’d hoped. And what better way to show them off than with this adorable stand.

Crush-Cake-Stand-BlurWhat A Blast

I wanted my son to have something that he could look at and say,”Wow! That is cool!” I think I achieved that with the giant customizable banner with his own name and  a monster truck exploding out of it. It is now hanging on the wall in his bedroom.

Pretty cool is exactly what he said. Mission accomplished.

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xoxo Marie

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  • Kara February 2, 2014, 9:02 pm

    Love it. My son is turning four in March. This gives me some great ideas.

    • Marie February 2, 2014, 10:32 pm

      Thanks for the kind words. Be sure to let us know how the party goes. Send us some pics.

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