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Monster Truck Party Printables

When it comes to creating a memorable party Printables are a must.

Anti-FreezeI created some Monster Truck Printables for my son’s birthday party. They feature wrap around drink covers including Windshield Washer Fluid, Transmission Fluid and Monster Truck Oil. I also made some Spare Tiers and Licorice Whip Tow Cable Printables. To finish off the theme I used Monster Truck Parking signs as well as checkered flags, Crush Cakes and a Pit Stop sign. Enjoy!

The Printables really help tie the Monster Truck theme together, checkered flags say it all. Download them here and make sure to save them before printing for best quality.

Monster Truck Printables Pic

What party is complete without party activities? I found monster truck coloring pages free from Monster Jam here.

I also found some cool Printables from 1plus1plus1equals1 here. These Printables are awesome and will keep the little ones busy.

xoxo Marie

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