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Whether you want to submit a party, party idea, creative treat, DIY party project or whatever, we are excited to see it! If your idea is awesome and high quality there is an excellent chance it will be featured on the front page of our site as well as social media like Facebook and Pinterest.

Submitting your creative idea is an excellent way for your idea/party and your site (web address) to reach more people, people that will come back to your site/business. Show off your brand to a targeted audience, or simply share your fabulous idea right here, it takes but a minute.

Details. We love details!

Tell us all about your submission. List vendors and give credit. If it’s a party let us know the details, is it a birthday party or a baby shower? If it’s a DIY project explain it. Tell us what you love about it. Give people a reason to share! Remember, search engines favor posts over 350 words with 500 being ideal. Details please.

Pictures, pictures, pictures.

We love the details, but a picture is worth a thousand words, right?

Nobody wants to squint to see the details, professional pictures take precedence. Un-watermarked high quality photos at least 700px wide please. Quality over quantity.

Just upload your pics to your favorite online album {Flickr, YouSendIt, Photobucket, Dropbox, Your Site, etc.} then submit the link to your album below.

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Oh, just one more thing {lawyers}. By typing your name in the field below you give Simply Party Ideas permission to publish your photos and ideas. That’s it! Thanks for submitting. I hope to see your idea on the front page.*