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What Does the Fox Say Party Ideas

Ylvis The Fox

My kids are still asking to watch the YouTube sensation “What Does the Fox Say?” The tune has been playing in the Jukebox  in my head over and over again. The other day a friend of mine suggested doing a fun party to help stomp out the winter blues.

What could be more fun than a Karaoke party with a “Fox” theme? Delectable treats, Karaoke, cute decorations, fun games and hot chocolate. It’s all you need.

Karaoke to “What Does the Fox Say” Party Ideas

Karaoke Machine

If you’re looking to throw a “What does the fox say” party what better way to celebrate then with a Karaoke party.

Karaoke is actually Japanese and translates into English as “Empty Orchestra”.

Your kids will love singing along to the hit song by Ylvis “What Does the Fox Say”. Check out the adorable “Karaoke Kones” made from cupcakes and ice cream cones.

Play the Game “Fox Says (Instead of Simon Says)”

Simon Says

Rather than “Simon Says” play “The Fox Says”. Fox says is a child’s game for three or more players. One player assumes the role of “Fox”. Fox gives instructions or actions, to the other players of the game. The players should only perform the actions when the phrase is prefaced with the words “Fox Says”.  If for example when “Fox says pat your head” the action should be carried out by the players. If the phrase were “pat your head” the action should not be performed.

The object of the game is for the person playing the role of “Fox” to get as many players out of the game as quickly as possible. The winner is the last person standing. It’s great fun and teaches children to listen to instructions.

Complete the Theme With Fox T-Shirts

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